The Royal Mint

The Royal Mint—which was initially launched by the Queen around 1968—is the top global mint of its kind. The company serves the circulation of coins and medals across the UK, as well as crafting and releasing coins and medals for 60 countries on average annually. The Royal Mint is responsible for offering monetary compensation to the British Government, aiming for organic development and long-term profitability.

Locally, it serves as a coin provider for everything related to typical everyday money exchanges. The mint also makes and circulates fine unreleased coins that pay homage to established deceased writers, famous people, Royal family members and memorable eras of the UK history. This is a one-of-a-kind family gift that will never grow out of value and can be passed from one generation to another.

Whenever you are buying something from the Royal Mint, you are not merely investing in a bright new coin. You will possess a good glimpse of British history and culture. Hence, any presents bought at Royal Mint are beyond unique. Here is a snapshot of the items offered:

The Royal Mint Bullion Items

We are not talking merely about its shiny looks or collective value. In some cases, purchasing an item like a Bullion makes a real investment. The metals offered are gold, silver and platinum coins and bars which UK buyers may order and have them delivered at their doorstep or if they choose, in their depository.

Not only that, you will stumble across a wide array of deals allowing you to accumulate savings on premiums that surpass the market value of the metals as reach 30%+.

Jubilee Coins Range

Coins are a stellar idea to honour a specific era. Now you can get your hands on jubilee coins that serve this purpose. Purchase valuable and appealing coins that you may gather and cherish for ages and will always be reminiscent of Jubilee. This is the most suitable pick for a Royal fan and perhaps an essential item for any dedicated coin collector.

The Royal Mint Newly Released One-Pound Coins

The single pound coins were released in 2017 by the Royal Mint, with a production volume of over 1.4 billion new coins. The reason they are being made at such a large basis is to control the production of fake ones. The present single pound coin was first released back in 1983 and is one of the oldest coins in the nation and about to become another precious collectable by the mint.


Does the Royal Mint accept and purchase back coins?

Yes. The Royal Mint purchases back metal coins and bars according to the live value of the metals. The Royal Mint also purchases coins and bars from other international mints abroad e.g. Maple Leafs.

Does the value of Royal Mint coins go up after some time?

Some chosen coins may raise in value, particularly if they belong to a full pack of coins. However, the majority of coins offered by the Royal Mint are intended to be possessed are memorabilia, not for investment reasons.

Is Paypal accepted as a payment method by the Royal Mint?

The Royal Mint presently doesn’t cover Paypal transactions, however common credit Cards, e.g. Visa-Mastercard and credit accounts are accepted.