asdaASDA is a great place where you can shop for household products and your weekly grocery supplies. Besides fruits and vegetables, the supermarket offers a lot more products; such as electronics, gift items, and clothes. The attractive part is that you can order for all these from the comfort of your sofa inside your house. Such convenience is something that most buyers want.

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About ASDA

Asda Stores Ltd is a British based chain of stores that retails household items, clothes, financial products, toys, and food. The chain also provides a mobile telephone service known as Asda Mobile. Its headquarters are in Asda House in leads (West Yorkshire).

Asda became a division of the leading American chain (Walmart) in 1999. Today, Asda has grown to become the third leading merchandising chain in market capitalization. The company has structured its advertising efforts to focus mainly on saving money. Asda prides itself for having maintained the lowest prices in Britain for sixteen years in a row.

Asda has its private label trade name known as Asda smart price. The label provides low-cost products. Other products that are close to the Asda’s label include Tesco’s “Everyday Value”, Sainsbury’s Basics and Morrison’s “M Savers”. These three companies that are associated with these offers are also some of the largest retailers in Britain.

The Smart label was established in the business’s farm stores product line in the 1990s. The label was made with the aim of substantially lowering the costs of products, compared to the same but popular brands. At first, the farm stores label included just a few of the leading products. However, with time, the company has increased the number of goods offered.